Digital Literacy

The most important part that I have yet to mention within my blog is Digital Literacy. Digital Literacy is something that should be taught, discussed, and brought up whenever technology is used within the classroom.




Simiply by showing this image, or one similar to your class and ask them what they think each point means.

“What is E-Safety”?


“Why do we need to think about cultural and social understanding?”


“How are we collaborating online?”


Having discussions like this within your class can happen at any age, even in primary. Students need to be aware of the big wide world of the internet and having discussions will help start that thinking young.


Remember to talk to parents about programs you are utilizing, and encourage them to have these conversations at home. Use the tool, incorporate technology, integrate resources, but educate yourself and your students about all the key factors that play into technology as well!


“It is not about the technology; it’s about sharing knowledge and information, communicating efficiently, building learning communities and creating a culture of professionalism in schools. These are the key responsibilities of all educational leaders”. – Marion Ginapolis




4 thoughts on “Digital Literacy

  1. I find this topic very interesting. I was asked to teach it last year in my practicum class and found the students were very interested in learning about some of the topics you bring up, such as internet safety and how the internet can be a functional tool for their learning;not just for fun and social media. One piece of constructive feedback is to try to elaborate on some of the questions you pose a little bit more thoroughly. If I were to use this as a resource in a future class, I would like more in-depth information to use such as: how to explore internet safety with primary versus secondary students (for an example). Good work!


  2. I really like the point about letting the parents know what programs the class is using. It is important that students are digitally safe in and out of school. I noticed on my last practicum that students did not have a lot of awareness of the information that they were sharing. How would you discuss the importance of being careful about sharing information?


    1. Within my practicum school, the librarian has taken on teaching digital literacy to all grades. The lessons she has taught my grade ones have been around usernames, commenting on things, having adult permission to be on certain sites, etc. One lessons I observed was her giving them examples and they would choose what good usernames would be that dont give away important information. I would love to see what shes talking to the intermediates if she is already diving this deep with my grade ones!


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